One for all: starters and young professionals.

Once Schotstek, always Schotstek: you are always part of the network and can always access advice and support. Whether as a starter or a young professional, you will receive bespoke mentoring/coaching and will take part in workshops and excursions. What’s more, we will help you organise internships and semesters abroad and assist you with application training and self-marketing.

Let’s hit the ground
running – our Starter Programme.

Our Starter Programme fosters gifted students from an immigrant background who are studying at the state universities in Hamburg, Lübeck and Lüneburg. Freshers also stand to benefit from Schotstek. With our training sessions/workshops and bespoke monitoring, we offer support for a successful degree, as well as for internships and networking.Panel events featuring CEOs, researchers, HR professionals, start-up founders, artists, etc. provide the young talents with exclusive insights and unique real-world contacts.
Our scholarships can build on their personal strengths through face-to-face conversations with our Schotstek Advisory Board members and via personal development workshops. 

Whether at cultural events – e.g. exhibitions, trips to the theatre, opera or ballet or our literary circle – networking events, such as the monthly club evening, or study trips, Schotstek scholars benefit from an inspirational and empowering community.

"Schotstek has taught me to think big and has given me the confidence to follow my dreams, which is the only way for me to unleash my full potential."

Hatefa Jadran

Medical Doctor, UKE

Leadership at an early stage – our Young Professionals Programme.

We started supporting young professionals (YPs) in Hamburg in 2020 and launched a similar programme in Berlin in 2022. With our YP Programme, we support young professionals and entrepreneurs from an immigrant background as they take their first career steps.We open doors for them, give them access to our career-building network, strengthen their personality and welcome them into the Schotstek community.As part of one-on-one advisory sessions on careers developments, the YPs get to know the experienced leaders and work with them to plan their next career steps.They also take part in a cultural programme and panel events. What’s more, the YP Programme represents an excellent opportunity to meet fascinating people and make important contacts outside a workplace setting.
Doctoral Candidate in Robotics

Zhejun Yao

"Schotstek is like my second family in Germany.
The network is bursting with energy."

"Schotstek is like my second family in Germany. The network is bursting with energy."

Zhejun Yao

Doctoral Candidate in Robotics

More information about Schotstek

Our Schotstek Advisory Board members

Our Advisory Board members are instrumental in the success of Schotstek. They discuss, advise and share their experiences with our scholars. They open doors and contribute their valuable time to make Schotstek possible in the first place.

Any questions?

We are always happy to answer questions and can be contacted by email at all times.

Our programmes

Once Schotstek, always Schotstek: we offer bespoke support at every career stage – for entry-level professionals, juniors, doctoral candidates and alumni.