Schotstek is a unique network for students and young professionals from an immigrant background.

A Schotstek acts a linchpin, connecting two separate strands. Just as we do, it forms a unique connection, thereby creating something new from two different things. In our case, we offer an unparalleled scholarship programme that puts promising academics in touch with a network designed to foster their career. Our mission is to support them on their way to leading positions in business, research and society.
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Schotstek is an inspirational community that believes in the
innovative power of cultural diversity. With this in mind,
we put students and young professionals with an immigration background in contact with successful decision-makers and CEOs,
opening countless doors via bespoke coaching and mentoring. As such, we build a network that fosters careers.

Here to stay – our mission.

All too often, talented students and young professionals are judged on their background, rather than their capabilities. That’s why Schotstek champions diversity through coaching, mentoring and an extensive network. Ultimately, this benefits all of us – business, science and, above all, society. What we need here are equal opportunities; everyone can help, for example by becoming a supporter of Schotstek.

“Schotstek offers a unique network that puts personal and professional development centre stage.”

Patience Baidoo

Sales Cloud Analyst

Everyone pulling in the same direction – our network. 

Students and academics from an immigrant background often struggle to obtain top-level positions in business, research, politics and culture. But why? Because they don’t have access to mentors and role models who take on their cause, open doors and share their vast networks. But together we can change this, for instance with careers mentors at Schotstek.

The next round of applications starts on March 1st 2024

We are looking for students who want to shape the future and let us help them to unleash their full potential – as they seek to climb the ladder to leading positions in business, research, politics and culture. Our diverse programme gets under way on 1 September 2024 and also offers a network comprising successful decision-makers and CEOs, who will support our scholars on their journey. You can apply from March 1st 2024.

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